Writing: A Tool of Great Black Warriors!

No one who chooses to smack me (and black women/black culture/black life) with his words or actions

Should think that I will not strike back and defend myself

In one way, shape or another

For I can do it without physically putting my hands on anyone or anything

I can use my power in a way that rejects their hypocrisy, abuse and disrespect.

Writing has been a tool of our greatest black warriors who stood up for themselves and their people

They did not let their captors and invaders control and define them with their hateful delusions and lies without a fight

It took me a long time to understand that writing can be such a powerful tool for self-defense and self-care

Now to use it to the best of my ability

Because when I am gone the writing will live on

And maybe it will take on new life.

© 2017 annalise fonza, Ph.D.