Black Women, Atheist Activism and Human Rights Is Now Published!

Just found out that my latest journal article, “Black Women, Atheist Activism and Human Rights: Why We Just Cannot Seem to Keep it to Ourselves!” is now published and available in Crosscurrents, which you can find at If you are not able to access the journal free of charge and you would like a copy, please contact me directly via message and I may be able to help. If you have access to academic databases, or if you are a member of a local library (that may, in fact, have online access to this journal), my article was published in the June 2013 issue, Vol. 63, Issue 2, pp. 185-197. I am so excited! It is not easy for an atheist to publish in a journal that is dedicated to religious thought, and this is my third academic publication since December 2012! Looking back, I doubt that I could have done this had I been teaching full-time at Clark Atlanta University (as I was during the first half of 2012). Well, suffice it to say that sometimes it pays to jump ship when it is clear that the ship is gonna sink. Just saying 😉