If You Are a Star, Just Be Who You Are!

I know that this title sounds cliche-ish, and maybe even a little cheesy, but there is an important message that I would like to share. And, I have not written a blog in over a year. I have been missing this old familiar space. On the other hand, to be honest, there’s been so much going on that I haven’t had much to say. So much trouble in the world. It has literally taken my breath away.

Nevertheless, I recently recalled a memory of interviewing for a position, back in the late 90’s, for a position that would become one of my most memorable career choices. During the interview, one of the interviewees asked me about a comment made by one of my references. He said to me that my reference said that “One day Annalise will probably be a star.” He proceeded to ask me what my referee meant by that statement. Being the savvy person that I am (for such a slick question such as this) , I replied, “I’m not sure; you will have to ask my referee what he meant.”

Subconsciously, however, I knew the answer to his question. And what I knew then, as I know now, was this: I am a star. I am a star, I am a star, I am a star. And, because I am a star, I shine, brightly. It is what I do no matter where I go. As they say, I let my little light shine. I light up a room, and I bring light to whatever I am doing. I used to be afraid to say it, and to mean it. But not anymore. I have learned to know myself as a star, and, most importantly, I have learned to embrace my natural star power ⭐.

Therefore, if you are star, like me, continue to shine brightly. Shine as bright as you can until you can shine no more….or, of course, until you EXPLODE!!! Just be who you are and over time you will see how amazing you actually are.

© 2021 annalise fonza, Ph.D.

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