What I Learned in 2017

In 2017, I learned that most of the time we have to reach for sanity and serenity

In the world in which we live, peacefulness does not come to us freely without cost

We have to consciously resist the insanity, the chaos, and the drama that this world tries to offer

We have to make the effort to stop listening to its noise

And make our own peace within life

Even though it is easier and more convenient to practice insanity that is proudly articulated by people who believe that it is better to hate than to love

From those who think that it is better to destroy than to work for peace and harmony

And on behalf of those who openly carry arsenals of fearful and distorted ideas that are intended to harm and to maim.  

This year, instead of enabling and recreating madness and dysfunctional patterns, I learned to know myself, and others, even my haters, in truth and with love. 

Doing this has made my life a lot less complicated,

And full with laughter and joy. 

© 2018 annalise fonza, Ph.D.