Goodbye to 2020: Hello to 2021!!!

Needless to say, I am relieved to say goodbye to 2020 for the obvious reasons! In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, there were many stops and starts to this past year, and a couple of my personal projects, such as my forthcoming book, was put on hold (my plan is to finalize its publishing by this March).

That notwithstanding, I am very pleased to see the start of 2021, and to mark that beginning I am sharing a story written about me by blogger/writer, The Black Sunflower. For your convenience, I have included the story about me, “Dr. Annalise Fonza: Courageous Womanist Rebuilding Community,” here in this link.

As always, feel free to leave a comment on my page or directly on the author’s page! I am honored to be a part of The Black Sunflower’s first series highlighting the work of black writers in Kansas City, Missouri. Let’s begin this year with the power of love and with courageous actions that will make our communities healthy and sustainable for generations to come!

©2021 annalise fonza, Ph.D.

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