Going Forward – Thank You for Joining Me on This Journey!

The time has come for me to retire my blogging activities. I have been here on WordPress – blogging my thoughts and my social commentary – for a solid five years (technically six since I joined in late 2012).

Over the years, I have accumulated a LOT of content, and it is time for me to take it to the next level. It is time for me to publish these blogs in a book. I plan to do that by summer’s end!

Thank you for liking and commenting on these blogs, and for being a critical part of my blogging experience. You have helped me to develop my voice and my philosophy on the matters that are important to me.

This blogsite will expire in the next few weeks. If you are interested in the book that is to come, and more of what I am doing, then please feel free to find me at www.amconsultingkc.org, which is my business website. Please note that I have left only a few favorite blogs on this site for now.

Many thanks and best wishes to you all! I am grateful to know that you have joined me here.




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