First Impressions of #SOTU2019

Many years ago now, I was teaching a course at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. The course was Black Feminist Theory.

Many women in the room, including an equal amount of white and black women, said that they were interested in feminism because they “want what men have.” Glad that I was teaching the course and could help them understand more accurate and historic underpinnings of feminism, but, it was sad to see and learn that many women desire to mimic and reproduce the adolescent behavior of men.

That said, last night, when we saw so many of the women chant “USA” at the #SOTU2019 (e.g., white, black, red, yellow, and brown) just as the men did, it was very, very disappointing to me.

Indeed, the Democrat- Republican dynamic is not getting it.

©2019 annalise fonza, Ph.D.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions of #SOTU2019

  1. They respond the same because as members of either political party they protect and sustain the same government that is controlled by corporations and wealthy individuals. Their language is slightly different regarding policies but that is to keep us believing that the USA is a democracy. The disappointment was them being in the room listening to this pathetic indecent buffoonish human being. Try to imagine how loud the sound of their absence would have created.

    • Hi Donald. You bring out my point even more; what the women did was to mimick the adolescent behavior of the men. Without a doubt, the women could have exhibited a different response. Likewise, if someone is yelling and I choose to mimick their behavior, then what ? We are both simply making a lot of noise? Acting like adolescents.

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