Write Your Own Script! Shirley Horn and the Secret of a Fulfilled Life!

The other night on Facebook I posted a video/film about Shirley Horn, the GREAT Shirley Horn! Some of you may not know that I used to be a radio show host (in Massachusetts), and for the most part there was not a week that went by that I did not play something from one of her amazing albums. One of my favorite Shirley Horn songs was this one, “Here’s to Life.” For those of you who have not seen it, or if you do not know who she is, I urge you to watch this video. It is soooo very captivating and inspiring ~ a well-written story/narrative about a woman who was brave enough to write her own script. Isn’t that something? Oh, that we would each endeavor to be the author of our own script instead of letting others do it for us. This is the secret of living a fulfilled life. Do it your way! Unapologetically!

Well, it has been a very long day and I am headed to bed satisfied with what I have accomplished. Truly, I have no complaints and no regrets; and yes, even at the end of a very trying day that was filled with the normal ups and downs of life, like Shirley Horn, I am going to sleep still believing in chasing dreams and placing bets! So, *deep sigh* onward we go to a better tomorrow! And, in the words of the GREAT Shirley Horn, “Here’s to Life! Here’s to Love! Here’s to You!” ©2013 annalise fonza, Ph.D.


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